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Erik Esso is a young artist who lives and works in Germany. His art is a critical discussion with himself. He says that he is a perfectionist. He catches spontaneous feelings of happiness and try to show them with simplicity, and minimalism.

We are delighted to present Erik Esso as winner of the Banditto Residency Prize Summer 2019!

Could you tell us a little about yourself? What has brought you into the art world?

I rushed into the art world with this desire to do something. I had this desire all my life. I tried different stuff. But to paint was the only thing that fulfilled me at all.

Tell us about your work. What materials do you use, and where do you draw your inspiration from?

I‘m really interested in materials. Most of my work is about materials. I’ve worked with heated blanket, tape, toilet paper and a lot of other stuff. But now I‘m really focused on the materials of streets and other grounds.

I usually draw inspiration from my environment. So stuff I see on the streets like some tags will inspire me.

“I call my style trash minimalism. I’m mostly in my head. I just want to keep all the crazy s*** out my head. And want to show my ideology and idealism. I think about stuff so often. But in my art I just do the stuff I feel. When I want anything, I take it. I don‘t want to ask myself why I am here. Just do something that explains why.”


“In my art I just do the stuff I feel”

Keep posted to learn more about Erik’s upcoming group show with Banditto.