Welcome to Banditto Art

Banditto Art specializes in both contemporary and modern art. We have built a reputation for sourcing and exhibiting exclusive, cutting-edge art from internationally-acclaimed as well as emerging artists.

The gallery prides itself on providing collectors of all levels with an accessible platform that offers clients a personalized service of the highest quality. Our clients get access to new, promising artists and works at affordable prices.

The Banditto Galleria is an exclusive contemporary art gallery situated in Montefollonico, Tuscany, Italy and works in association with the online art platform Banditto Art.

Banditto Galleria, Tuscany

Given that aesthetic appreciation and wise investment constitute the most important combination, we make it our business to offer both the novice and experienced investor the perfect marriage of an enriching appreciation of contemporary art, with the financial satisfaction of investment performance.

We provide clear, unpretentious art investment advice, and are a group of art investment specialists, who tailor our services to individual clients’ requirements. We are dedicated to providing art investors and collectors with the tools needed to invest wisely in art, to see considerable returns, and we specialize in identifying emerging artists around the world whose works show strong potential to increase in value.

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Why not take the guesswork out of the navigating the contemporary art market, by allowing us to guide you to make the best possible use of opportunities available, enabling you to get the most out of your investment.

Whether you are a first-time buyer looking to invest, or an established collector, as a specialist art investment consultancy gallery, we will spare no time or effort to source artwork from the most promising emerging artists around the globe.