We are often asked why we decided to locate our contemporary art gallery in this small, medieval town in the heart of Tuscany. 


Photography by Alfredo Falvo


Let us start by explaining that most of the artwork we sell, is sold outside / around the gallery. The art exhibition has had a long and complex history, evolving with the ever-changing demands of society while at the same time challenging those very demands.

In somewhat historical times, the art gallery was where the actual, physical artwork was sold. In presenting art to the public, often through telling a story or posing questions that leave the viewer thinking; the exhibition serves as a form of contextualization for art. Throughout history, challenges have been posed to this form of exhibition that has inspired its evolution, which will only continue, as art and society are ever changing. Today, in the age of social media, internet and tech obsession, the business part of selling artwork is evolving into what has become a slightly different, modernized process. 

So we asked ourselves, why not go beyond the conventional; beyond what the typical, regular galleries are doing? That is why we decided to go do just that and make this location something exceptionally special, by rather giving art enthusiasts something to remember!

In the name of broadening horizons, we have transformed an exquisite 12th Century Medieval, three-story building into a private Galleria, in the middle of the most authentic historic village of the Val d'Orcia area. Positioned perfectly among the most beautiful valleys and towns Tuscany has to offer - Pienza, Montepulciano and Montalcino. We simply call it ‘heaven’.




So for this concept, the gallery is not only used to display works of art. On a regular basis, we close the gallery and invite artists from all over the world to come and join us in Tuscany. The gallery is transformed into an atelier and the artists get the exclusive opportunity to let their creative juices flow in the most picturesque of environments. The Tuscan landscape, the medieval town, the finest Italian wines, cheeses and delicacies, as well as the serene atmosphere, often lead to some really special creations by the artists who join us.  With its emphasis on experimentation and interpretation, and its focus on exploring art in its historical, cultural, and social contexts, the Banditto Galleria serves as the exploration of art’s environments.

The works of art that are created by these artists during their stay, will often be available for sale to the public after the artist has departed. Some really special pieces come from this incredible experience at the Galleria. Art that has been created during a unique moment in time.

Come visit us in Montefollonico, Tuscany, and enjoy a significant collection of art by a selection of the finest contemporary artists of the world. Drink with us, eat with us, and talk to the artist who is working from our gallery at the moment. Take advantage of an experience of a lifetime, and surround yourself with passion and beauty.