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Photograph by Oliver Mark


Lennart Grau re-interprets the works of the Old Masters, creating brightly-colored works that have met with widespread acclaim and are very much in demand. They hang next to those of artists such as Gerhard Richter.

“My artistic leanings and challenging my approach has opened up space for baroque influences in my art. I do believe that there are striking parallels between contemporary decadence and self-indulgence to the court life back then. “

Some of his exhibitions include:

May, 2017 Straining Glory, Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg
Feb, 2016 2 cm über dem Zenit, Circle Culture Gallery
May, 2015 In Schönheit auferstehn, Galerie Patrick Ebensperger, Berlin
June, 2014 Surface to Surface, Circle Culture Gallery
Nov, 2013 POTSE 68, Circle Culture Gallery
Sep, 2013 SPARKLING MUD, Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg

Grau’s path to becoming an artist hasn’t been the most straight forward. When he was at school he was taken by the graffiti scene and spent nights painting. After he graduated from school, his intention was to lead an indigenous life and keep proper hours, which lead him to study architecture. This brought him to Berlin where he started engaging in art.

“Artists such as Thomas Demand and Santiago Sierra let me explore new horizons. “

It became obvious to Lennart then that architecture wouldn’t fulfill him, and so he changed to studying fine art. In the beginning his paintings were very figurative and then he decided to only concentrate on what he was fascinated by. This mainly was the haptic application of paint along with an abstract usage of shapes. At this time, Lennart could have never imagined ever painting anything figurative again, and it took a lot of serenity to let go of that categorical opinion. After being open to himself, it allowed the figure in the painting to sneak in, and now the figurative elements dominate his paintings again. 


“I allow myself to be seduced by the excessive aesthetic elements found in old baroque and rococo paintings and act those out in my work. In between the cool contemporary positions it feels like a darkroom, a space for something forbidden.”

“My most memorable exhibition was probably my first solo show "2cm above zenith" at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin. The space was huge and it took me a long time to prepare the show. So when it finally opened, I felt like I had reached a large milestone. Looking back now, it also opened up a lot opportunities for me. Now I really enjoy group exhibitions with my former colleagues. We try to keep connected, I guess no one knows your work, with all the twists it had, as well as your old studio neighbors.”


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