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Photographs by Marieke van Gemert


Jenetta de Konink was born the Netherlands, and she studied fashion design at the Academy of Art in the Dutch city of `s-Hertogenbosch. She worked - among others - for a major fashion retailer as buyer/stylist in her home country. De Konink only started painting after the turn of the century, and she currently exposes her work in the Netherlands on a regular basis – and abroad she recently had a solo exhibition in Manhattan NY, in the Waitingroom of 57W57ARTS.

Her work is owned by private art collectors both in and outside the Netherlands. De Konink is also active in committees to promote art in her home country; she is a panelist for Artist of the Year as well as member of several ballot committees. Jenetta currently works from her art studio called 'De Vlieger' in ‘sHertogenbosch, NL

Thickly applied layers of oil paint combined with fine charcoal lines elegantly define her remarkable technique.

Jenetta relates her story through her paint brush - a story that captures her insecurities and fears in such a way that renders the striking core of the painting universal. The drawings appear to be nonchalantly sketched onto the paint layer and create a repetitive visual image of a woman laying down. Particularly because of the repetitive nature of the images, de Konink has the opportunity to approach each and every canvas in a completely organic way without jeopardizing the series' story line.


When painting, it all boils down to craftsmanship, as that - in essence - is what this art form is all about.

Jenetta's wooden frames are self-made, covered with canvas, then prepped with bone glue and eventually glued onto the canvas using paper.

De Konink has been working with glued paper as a top layer for several years. Thanks to this smooth layer, the paint stays on top of the surface and is not absorbed by the canvas itself.

You could say that the artist gave this method a twist of her own, making her art what it is today.

Some of her exhibitions include:

Spring 2019 KEG Schijndel presentation with Truzanne Lousberg and Will Pluim

2018 FEAR 57W57ARTS New York City with Lucas Kelly / This Art Fair - Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam / Roerloos - Dock 5340 The Gruyterfabriek `s-Hertogenbosch group / Artist in Recidence (AiR) PremisesLichtenvoorde / final presentation STAAN Premises Lichtenvoorde / Art in the Box - Dome church group

2017 The Big Draw - Galls and Fools - Workshop   `s-Hertogenbosch group / workplace presentation ABS atelierbeheerstichting` s-Hertogenbosch solo

2016 The Big Draw - unframed - Kruithuis group / detachment from reality - KEG Schijndel solo

2014 DOCK 5340 - Dock shop - selling small work. Group / sustainability - in Cu - Veldhoven The Art Practicegroup

2013 De Vlieger, Den Bosch, series "temporary atelier / lance script art-diner-poetry DOCK5340 De Gruyter factory Den Bosch group / studio presentation MY DOMEIN part II - portrait / my own space, in Brabant -I - De Kunstpraktijk Veldhoven group / studio presentation MY DOMAIN part I - portrait

2012 atelierroute 2012 Stick the Kruithuis with publication Klossy / Studio Vennix in Den Bosch To myself solo / TRUST exhibition De Kunstpraktijk Veldhoven solo

2011 group exhibition Studio Vennix Den Bosch group / Kunstnacht Den Bosch, Salon Achter de Kan   Den Bosch "speed dating" group - Artists talking to the public

2010 Stadsschouwburg Utrecht , series Vader solo / atelierroute 2010   Stok het Kruithuis Den Bosch / gallery ATH Ulvenhout , series behind glass solo

2009  Toaster Tien , Den Bosch solo / Open Art Fair , presentation ATH Ulvenhout Gallery

2008  gallery XS Den Bosch, group, Toaster Tien Den Bosch solo


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