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Hidden within each corner of his figures are surprising textures and patterns. According to Art Compulsion, the artist has only recently begun to show his work publicly, despite having made pieces for decades.

Deweerdt’s use of several mediums such as acrylic inks and pigments appear as both absorbing—and at times, nightmarish— visions. Hidden within each corner of his figures are surprising textures and patterns.

“The implementation is complex and requires a lot of precision. It took years to bridge the technique that remains a well kept secret.“

Deweerdt studied painting in the 90’s and first worked as an mental health educator for many years while continuing his painting work. He has an educational background in both painting and specialist education. He found some of his inspiration from aiding adults with disabilities, behavior disorders, and autistic disorders. Part of his work with them includes workshops on artistic expression. Over the last few decades, his painting has become more public as well as more successful and, today, Deweerdt’s work is recognized as innovative and unique.

“I would even say instinctively, representing body and mind is simply part of me.“

“My work is clearly expressionist, and talks about ‘man’. It shows through the bodies, the psychological torments of our minds. I have worked a long time with people experiencing mental illness, and I want our society to have more regard for those mentally disturbed beings. “

Deweerdt’s inspiration was originally based on dreams, but now he says he composes more around the human body, and in this way, he is able to depict what goes on inside of the body as a sort of expression.


“I start working on living models. My work is first technically based on preliminary drawings. Thereafter, I choose materials and colours. I’m always attentive to detail and precision.”

“My work is a figural work and it does not mean anything more than the simple sensation one feels when looking at it. My style is figural and not figurative. My intention is not to show the reality, but to use a part of the human anatomy to create sensations and let the colors and torments on the inside of the body transpire.”

Some of the most memorable exhibitions and achievements Deweerdt has had, include winning the special jury prize at the Straesen Modern Art Biennial in Luxembourg. It was of an exceptionally high level and standard, and the jury was of a high quality. He also relates that he has experienced a few enjoyable exhibitions in Paris recently, because of his love of the city.


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