Are you an art collector? 

Visit us in Tuscany, where you can sleep among the stars of internationally renowned artists.

An unforgettable experience, an encounter so sensational, that it simply cannot be forgotten. This is exactly what the Banditto Galleria offers with our exclusive collector experience package. 

Pictures by Alfredo Falvo

Come enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in breathtaking Montefollonico. Fall in love with Tuscany Val d'Orcia, through the region's wonderful wines, its landscape, it's people, food, and certainly not least, its art. When visiting us, you'll be surrounding yourself with the most exquisite artwork by some of the world's best artists. Our Galleria is always housing different works of art from top international talent, and for the duration of your stay, this will be only available for your private viewing, as we close our beautiful Galleria to the public. So, indulge in the finer things in life when you stay in the Banditto Galleria either for a midweek getaway, for a weekend, or a whole week. 


You will be welcomed by the best Brunellos from a globally famous wine region. Attend one of our optional wine tastings and even talk to the owners of the wine estates. Enjoy the finest foods. Hunt for truffles with Pierre Paulo. Learn the finest Italian cuisine from the local nonnas. Visit the picture-perfect medieval towns in and around the most scenic valleys Tuscany has to offer.  

This offer is exclusively available for art collectors, those who enjoy epicurean pleasures at their best. Those who wish to discover original art by talented international artists, behold exceptional beauty, and revel in the finest delicacies; all in one of the most exciting areas of the world.  

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Prices start at $249 a night.

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We offer programs for a midweek, for a weekend, or a whole week getaway. There are still a few spots available April, May and June 2019.