Artist residency

On a regular basis, we invite artists from all over the world to come and join us in Tuscany. The gallery is transformed into an atelier and the artists have the exclusive opportunity to let their creative juices flow in the most picturesque of environments. The Tuscan landscape, the medieval town, the finest Italian wines, cheeses and delicacies, as well as the calm atmosphere, often lead to some really special creations by the artists who join us.  With its emphasis on experimentation and interpretation, and its focus on exploring art in its historical, cultural, and social contexts, the Galleria serves as a sanctuary for the exploration of art’s environments.

Exceptional, unique artworks are often produced by the artists during this incredible experience at the Galleria, as it’s art work that they created in a specific moment of time. These special pieces will then often be available for sale to the public after the artist has departed.


Below are some of the established, world-famous artists that visited us at the Galleria, separate from the Banditto Residency Prize. We directly invited these renowned artists to stay at the Gallery, and this is what some of them had to say about their experience.

“A great experience that exceeded all my expectations, can’t wait to return to Montefollonico”.

Frans Smit during his residency stay

Learn more about Frans here.

“It’s like being stranded on an beautiful island surrounded by greenery. How that changes focus and productivity”.

Sascha Brylla during his residency at Galleria Banditto

Learn more about Sascha here.

“Going downstairs and finding yourself in a small medieval town is priceless.  Good food, kind and friendly people, interesting places to visit, a perfect place to create art.”

Emanuele Tozzoli during his residency at Galleria Banditto

Learn more about Sascha here.

“Very inspiring! A joy to draw medieval walls and landscapes in Tuscan light”

Gijs Kast during his visit to Galleria Banditto in Montefollonico

Learn more about Gijs here.

For any artists interested in submitting for the Banditto Residency Prize opportunity, please take note:

The featured artists above are internationally recognized, high profile professionals; and have been directly invited by our team to stay at the Gallery. They are in no way available for direct queries by any entrant/invitee. Should they be contacted on an individual or personal basis, it will be viewed as an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the competition, and Banditto Art remains the right to discard the entrant’s submission without refund, and ban the artist from any future entries.

We will neither accept nor consider any solicitations by artists of any kind. If you are an artist and you are interested in our residency prize opportunity, we would like to refer you to our Banditto Residency Prize page.

Confirmed established artists visiting 2019

Confirmed winners Banditto Residency Prize 2019

“It was an amazing experience in a more-than-amazing place!”

Sol Felpeto during her residency stay at Galleria Banditto in Montefollonico

Learn more about Sol here.