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Anna Madia graduated in Painting from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin in 2002. In 2011, she was among the artists selected by Vittorio Sgarbi for "Lo Stato dell'Arte"  of the 54th Venice Biennial (Piedmont Region). 

In 2010 she won a triennial workshop at the Ginkgo Contemporary Art Centre in Troyes (France) and in 2009 she became a tutor in painting at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin. 

She currently lives and works in France.

Currently, sleep and coma are the key elements of her new series titled “Sleepwalking”. Once a year, in Anna’s family, there was the ritual of washing the wool of the mattresses: every corner of the house was filled with a soft cream-colored substance and she spent hours and hours playing and imagining snow-capped peaks and bizarre appearances. Today this tradition is, for her, a rite of love and a liberation from the symbolic stigma of sleepless nights, nightmares and infirmity: the bed once again becomes the crib in which a new cycle starts.

Wool, doilies and hair are the gateway to this world suspended between reality and dream. Researching on sleepwalking and other disorders (narcolepsy, hypnologic and hypnopompic hallucinations…), she started to investigate another kind of portrait: hidden faces, eyes cleared; enigmatic situations in which flashes and personal hallucinations appear. In the introductory text of one of the most important solo show Anna has had, "Sleepwalking", Beatrice Meunier-Dery uses the expression “woolgathering”, which represents the state of the consciousness that is experiencing a process of transformation from reality into a dream state.

studio 5.jpg

“The human being is made to imagine, and that’s how the intermediary’s plans of thought and imagination, of the psychic function of the real and of the unreal function, feed and intersect to produce psychological wonders of the human mind.”

I have studied ancient techniques of paintings like egg tempera and oil, drawing in silverpoint and gilding. I actually continue to work in etching too.

Paradise lost 2018 oil on canvas 37x27 cm.JPG

“The need to be a painter was clear in my head since I was a child; this was my dream, a natural vocation. This is really my “vertebral column”.

So all my choices were turned in this direction”

Some of Anna’s solo exhibitions include:

2016 - Your confusion, My illusion – Phantom Projects Contemporary, Troyes, France

2015 - Domaine de Tournefou, Palis

2014 - Silent Lucidity : Lullabys – Phantom Projects Contemporary, Marigny le Chatel, France
Sleepwalking – CAMAC, Marnay sur Seine, France
Anna Madia – Maison du Boulanger, Troyes, France

2012 - Peau d’âme – Wannabee Gallery, Milan

2009 - Je théatrale, parte prima – Loft Gallery, Corigliano C., Italy
In the maybe world – Galleria 44, Turin

2008 - Il pudore della felicità, Camera Picta – Institut dei ciechi, Sala Barozzi, Milan
Figure, Personnelle – Galleria Spazioarte, Napoli
Anna Madia – Galleria d’arte, Radaut, Rumania

The next important project is a big solo show in Tokyo at the end of 2019


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